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Kiaki [14 Feb 2007|01:32pm]

February 11, 2007. We, KuRt, stood upon a stage for the last time.

The last live these four guys decided to do one month ago.

When it came down to it, although we had decided that, in the end, we wouldn't go on stage again together, I was honestly petrified. I was nothing but a huge ball of stress.

But, hearing everyone's voice when we finally came on stage, that anxiety disappeared before I even knew it.

A vocal-less live was different from usual, but everyone showed us their best smiling face. Sang. And came along with these four people, desperatly, until they walked out.

At the mere sight of this, I was no longer able to hold in the overflowing emotions...

During the encore, everyone singing "Sweet LEMON BROKER" is something that I'll absolutely never forget...

KuRt is truly blessed to have fans as great as you☆

Thank you truly everyone☆

And, even if it was a live during which I became the frontman more than usual, we can't put aside those 3 guys, Ryouki-kun, Sabu and Yuma-san, who have surmounted the pressure to give the greatest performance. Thank you truly☆

...I'm sorry, the truth is that there is a lot more that I would like to write here, but since I am uncertain right now that I can put this down skillfully, I guess I'll write again in a little while, once I've managed to sort out my feelings.

Last of all...

To Chii-chan, Nao-chan who have supported and worked with us behind the scenes, to our roadie Uta, and to the Matsushita company we became endebted to in various ways during those two years, to the staff at SPEED DISK, to the recording engineer Sano-san, to AREA's Murakami shop manager, and AREA's staff, I'm truly grateful.

Thank you very much☆

2007.02.14 @ 18:48

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: If you'd like me to translate some of the most recent posts concerning the last live, let me know and I'll work on that.
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RYOUKI [04 Jul 2006|01:00am]
Supplement! (laugh)

PictureCollapse )
Damn, the sake is light(T_T)

2006.07.02 @ 22:44

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: I think Ryouki and Chobi broke up....... Well anyway, I was only going to do a couple of posts tonight, but looks like I did them all. Hopefully I'll stay up-to-date with his journal now. e_e;
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RYOUKI [04 Jul 2006|12:58am]

PictureCollapse )
Mortifying... It's too mortifying.

...I bought sake.. I'll start to drink it all alone

2006.07.02 @ 22:18

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RYOUKI [04 Jul 2006|12:53am]

PictureCollapse )
While I went to buy a treatment, since my very beloved cafe laaaatttte was cheap, I bought 3 cups☆ At first I was going to buy 10 cups but then I thought they wouldn't all fit inside my fridge so I stopped ( ̄□ ̄;)/

Great, well I'm glad there's three cups♪

2006.07.01 @ 23:01

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RYOUKI [04 Jul 2006|12:50am]
( ̄△ ̄メ)

PictureCollapse )
Hot ( ̄^ ̄)凸

2006.06.30 @ 23:03

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RYOUKI [04 Jul 2006|12:43am]
Like a baby(  ̄▽ ̄)

PictureCollapse )
I think I showed you Chobi some time ago, but the one I showed 2 or 3 days ago of the sleeping Chobi-house, he's rolled around his doll and his toys, just the same as a human baby~... Chobi is an old man though! (laugh)

The picture is the new makeup like I showed you before, but the version without the color contacts! Completely different ( ̄□ ̄;)!! It surprised even me!

After this, studio~♪

2006.06.26 @ 16:16

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RYOUKI [04 Jul 2006|12:31am]
Somewhat became happy(  ̄▽ ̄)

PictureCollapse )
The back of Yumario's head while playing Mario Kart! (laugh)

As part of yesterday's things to do, when I went to Yuma-nii's place, I took this extreme picture while he was enjoying it on his own☆

Because you can't imagine Yuma-san playing Mario Kart, it was quite amusing☆

2006.06.25 @ 22:53

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RYOUKI [04 Jul 2006|12:23am]
Thank you for your concern m(__)m

PictureCollapse )
I said I was an hospital patient but I wasn't sick~(>_<)/

I was more like an injured person! It's a feeling like your bone and flesh is injured! Therefore I'm alright for the time being~☆ Thank you for your concern in the fanmail m(__)m

Well even though there's new costumes and new makeup since yesterday~ I'm wearing this makeup on this picture ( ̄▽ ̄)V
When I remove these color contacts the feeling is totally different~!

2006.06.24 @ 16:43

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RYOUKI [04 Jul 2006|12:21am]
Hospital patient Ryouki

PictureCollapse )

2006.06.23 @ 11:54

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RYOUKI [04 Jul 2006|12:17am]

PictureCollapse )
The waiting time at the hospital... truly... long (ToT)

So much time...

The picture is sleeping Chobi (but you can only see his back)

2006.06.23 @ 10:02

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RYOUKI [04 Jul 2006|12:10am]
Warm( ̄□ ̄;)!!

PictureCollapse )
Aah~,,, I was dragged into the morning rush so much that I wanted to die.... Now too, it's great that the weather is nice, but since I'm wearing a costume, it's seriously hot (-.-;)

Ah~ it's summer already☆

Yesterday? The day before yesterday!? Because I kept taking pictures of Chobi, I gave him this bandana☆★

2006.06.20 @ 13:14

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RYOUKI [03 Jul 2006|11:46pm]
Approximately one month!!

Approximately one month of KuRt lives♪

Today there was a serious annoucement too, and we've done new songs too! When we did an unexpected song during the encore, I think it was a wonderful peek for this live, but I thought it was a fairly hot live, it killed♪

Since it was the first KuRt live in a while, before it started I was unusually tense( ̄□ ̄)!! Since I'm not a person who gets tense very much, because I was alone before the live, it became enjoyable! (laugh)

Ah~~ it was fun~☆★

2006.06.17 @ 23:56

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RYOUKI [03 Jul 2006|11:38pm]
Soaked through....

PictureCollapse )
Because I hadn't noticed that the rain was falling, while I was about to leave without an umbrella on my bicycle, the rain(T_T)
I became soaked under the rain while returning home...

Now is probably the rainy season??
Please stop~(ToT)

The picture is Chobi catching a mini-soccer ball while I was watching soccer before this!! ...Chobi seemed to be scared of this ball so he was quite angered ( ̄□ ̄;)

2006.06.15 @ 19:23

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: It's official. Ryouki must have broken one or several mirror(s) at some point in his life. He's always got something bad happen to him.
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RYOUKI [03 Jul 2006|11:34pm]


Give it your best shot, Japan!! The World Cup has barely just started!! I'm hoping for a miracle~~( ̄^ ̄)/

2006.06.13 @ 01:48

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RYOUKI [03 Jul 2006|11:25pm]
World Cup!

PictureCollapse )
It finally started~!!
Since times ago I've been a soccer boy, so of course I'm burning for the World Cup!!

Good luck Ukraine!! England!! and Japan!!

In the picture, I'm holding what you'd think is my soccer ball, but since I haven't found it and got it signed a while ago, it's an autograph ball☆

2006.06.10 @ 23:22

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RYOUKI [03 Jul 2006|10:12pm]

Just now.. A tragedy...

I bought cigarettes, I got them from a vending machine... then my watch got stuck... then while I was looking for my watch,, some part wasn't there(T_T)

However when I put my hand in the machine to try to find it,,, The outlet made a sound and it fell into the ditch...

Ah~... since I have none now, this guy won't ever seen the time though,,, what am I supposed to do~( ̄○ ̄;)


2006.06.08 @ 00:13

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RYOUKI [03 Jul 2006|10:01pm]
Showing...my head...?

PictureCollapse )
I cut my hair~, before that I was wearing hair extensions, and since my true hair was growing the sensation was unpleasant, I'm relieved now☆★

The picture is Ryouki ver. putting on his glasses!! I can't help but have a feeling that my head doesn't look good..

Maah on this feeling, they're the glasses I wear usually (○-○)/

2006.06.03 @ 16:20

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RYOUKI [03 Jul 2006|09:45pm]
Session live♪

It was quite fun♪

It became a lesson and a great experience☆

Seriouly, i'm glad I was a part of this great event~ (>_<)

Though it was pretty much my first session live, I want to do another one~♪

After the live was over, I went to Yuma-nii's place for a meeting of the guitar team, now I'm returning from there. Sleepy ( ̄o ̄;)

2006.06.02 @ 21:39

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RYOUKI [03 Jul 2006|09:17pm]
It was amazing...

It's already over~... It was pretty short~!!

Well, it was seriously cool( ̄□ ̄)!!
Although there were some quite intense moves on stage, there was quite a musical performance♪

Anyway, a-n-y-w-a-y, it was cool~~(ToT)

It gave me a great deal of motivation, and I learned a fair amount of things☆

I'm seriously glad that I went!

2006.05.29 @ 22:04

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RYOUKI [03 Jul 2006|08:59pm]
And. At last...

PictureCollapse )
Hot(^^;) Though the mood is good, so I'm happy☆

Today right after this is the session band♪

Also.. after that...

My favorite band are doing the finale live of their Japan tour... I'm going to see that ( ̄^ ̄)/

I really can't wait♪

I'm already getting nervous~~( ̄□ ̄)!!

2006.05.29 @ 14.46

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: I don't know which band it is.
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